Top 8 things travelers shoudn’t miss when they come Ho Chi Minh City

1 year ago

Walking on popular streets to enjoy street food, sipping coffee in the early morning or taking some pictures in the unique architecture, visiting the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City are exciting activities tourists should do when they have a chance to visist this city in Vietnam. Let’s discover Top 10 things travellers should do in Ho Chi Minh City below.

1. Trying street food 

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the best cities of street food in the world with many delicious food such as Banh Mi, Pho, Banh Trang Nuong, etc. which travellers can find out everywhere, even any in the corner of this. Foos is not only the variety of dishes, appetizers and prices, the food in Ho Chi Minh City always satisfy customers. There are some street food are very popular, you should try such as fried potato dumplings in Dong Nai street in District 10, fried corn in Gia Dinh Park, rice cake mixed in Ho Con Rua or Vietnamese pizza in Thu Duc.

2. Sipping a cup of coffee on sidewalk

If Hanoi capital, there are many people love to walk Ho Guom lake in the morning to find the fresh air, in Ho Chi Minh City you should enjoy a cup of coffee on sidewalk to see the bustle city, crazy traffic as well as watching the flow of people who are very busy in the morning, listening to stories, reading some newspapers or chatting with friends. Sitting on the sidewalk early in the morning is always interesting experience in the morning of Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City, why not?

Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon is very hot that always make people rush on street, but this city in the evening becomes cool and sparkling by the braze lights. A large number of people gather in the coffee shops, others go shopping in malls or night market such as Benh Thanh, Le Thi Rieng Park in district 1. Especially, foreigners usually go to Bui Vien – the second pedestriant street in Ho Chi Minh City. Making a tour around Ho Chi Minh City at night, people will see a different picture of this city. 

There is an exciting activity people love so much that is to sip a cocktail glasse from the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City. Propeller is one of the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City which is found by almost tourists. Guests can see Saigon River when they come this bar and enjoy Asian cuisine such as Singapore dishes, Vietnamese dishes, etc… 

one of the best rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

4. Taking photos 

Don’t miss opportunities to take many beautiful photos when you come to Ho Chi Minh City. If you love the ancient architecture you can go to the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office and the Reunification Palace. If you love green colors you can go to the fields in District 7, Ho Da lake in Thu Duc district or the romantic canals on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard. That will bring you many romantic space to take a lot of pictures.

5. Coffee shop in 30/4 Park

30/4 Park is a place where to enjoy a cup of coffee, simply sit on the newspaper provided by the seller, especially you have a chance to chose wherever you like to seat. Not only will you be able to enjoy the wind with your friends, you can also join the group of guitarists, drums or madolin. Fresh air, cool by the old trees, next to the complex of architectural unique, so this is always the ideal choice if you have the opportunity to visit this flower market.

6. A tour around Ho Chi Minh City

Riding the city is also a unique pleasure when you have an opportunity to come to this city. In addition, to explore the lifestyle of the resident in Ho Chi Minh City as well as discovering new things, you can slip into the alleys to see a different view of Ho Chi Minh. Tran Hung Dao Street is a place where you see the old apartment building. Walking through Nguyen Trai street at night, you will find the excitement on the sidewalk, where many fashion items are sold and the interweaving of junk food that create a different beat of life.

Ho Chi Minh City doesn’t have 4 seasons like Ha Noi capital, it just has 2 seasons, one is rainy, another is sunny. If travellers come in fall, you can feel charm of the leaf all on the streets such as Le Quy Don, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Tran Duc Thao or Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, etc. That makes a poetic images for tourists get poetic pictures. Ho Chi Minh City in December is not very cold, it is just enough to wear sweater, scarves and walking around the city.

7. Shopping in mall

Shopping is the geat activity people love in their life. Shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City are evaluated the good malls in the world because suitable price with customers. You can go around shopping centers such as Vincom, Parkson, Diamond Plaza or Zen Plaza in district 1.

Ho Chi Minh City has many souvenirs from all regions in Vietnam. Travellers can buy Pia Cake of Soc Trang province, tea leves from the North.

8. Visiting architecture

Saigon Post Office one of the great architecture in Ho Chi Minh City

– Notre Dame Cathedra:

The buildings are always the symbol of city. Notre Dame Cathedra is one of the ancient architecture in Ho Chi Minh City. This attraction is arguably a representative of the religious influence the French have made on Vietnam during their invasion. The cathedral was built to offer French soldiers a place for performing rituals. Built with bricks, glass and various other materials brought from France, this building has proved durable and has called for little reconstruction since its completion in 1880.

Its design was chosen from 18 propositions. The architect J. Bourad was chosen for his style, a mixture of neo-Roman and Gothic. Nowadays, Notre Dame cathedral is considered a must-visit by tourists from domestic and abroad as well. Furthermore, as it is located in the heart of Saigon, the Cathedral is an ideal starting point for a Sai Gon tour. Moreover, the Vincom shopping center and Parkson mall are only a few minutes away on foot, while other attractions such as the Saigon Central post office are nearby, so the Cathedral is a perfect start for a journey around Saigon. 

Once inside, the view is even more spectacular. There are 6 columns on each side, which represent the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. Behind them are over 20 altars with small statues of the saints. The main altar is made of pure jade, with carvings of the angels underneath. The wall is decorated with 56 colored glass windows depicting characters and stories in the Bible. As the biggest one in Saigon, Notre Dame Cathedral can house 1200 people at most. 

– Saigon Post Office:

Outdated as handwritten letters are, they still mean a lot to Saigonese, particularly those over 50. The post office was built by the French in 1860. Designed by Gustave Eiffel, father of the Eiffel Tower, the building instills a feeling of nostalgia in all people who lived through the 20th century. Nowadays, it often acts as a reminder of those days and a perfect background for tourists. However, the busy, energetic atmosphere was preserved. Features such as the information desk can still be found where they were in the previous century.

The main hall consists of a dome-shaped roof and is consistently crowded with travelers as well as small business people. The whole weight of the r ơf is supported with 4 columns only, which allow for more space and apply with ask.What’s more, you can find two big-scale maps of Saigon in 1972 and telephone lines all over Vietnam in 1936. The whole weight of the roof is supported by four columns in the corners

The 38 working desks are ready to answer questions on delivering mails and posts. On the left side, tourists can have a glance at the time-honored phone booths. Also, remember to check out the lovely handmade souvenirs in the remotest areas in the Post Office.

With many above ideas, hopefully, travellers can get the best trip in Ho Chi Minh City with many interesting things. Moreover, you can discover many luxury accommodation through click here to be prepare for a good trip in Vietnam. 

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