Little Singapore style in District 1 central

Sai Gon in night

Singapore is considered as a world’s safest nation to live, for example, you can leave your laptop on the table and go to cashier to order food without caring about it, but Vietnam is also a beautiful nation to contemplate.

Although Vietnam is just a small country in the world map, it’s beautiful enough to attract thousands of foreign tourists per year. Ho Chi Minh is always a best choice for tourist because there many special things here such as tourist attractions, historical and cultural works, traditional food and other things.

The first place people tourists want to visit is The War Remnants Museum, where is not for squeamish, it not only documents the brutality of the Vietnam War but also attracts more than half a million visitors a year. There are many retired military vehicles such as “Huey” helicopters, attack bombers and even an M48 Patton tank in front of yard.

Saigon Central Post Office and Notre-Dame Cathedral are also focused on by majority of tourists. Both works were designed and built by French architect. But Saigon Central Post Office has a Gothic-style of 1886s with the elaborate tiled floors created the refined look. Besides, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is equally impressive with spacious and deep structures.

Sai Gon in night

Besides, Ben Thanh Market is regarded as a historical witness because it is one of the earliest surviving structures and an important symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. People can buy everything in Ben Thanh Market such as Ao Dai which is a Vietnamese traditional custom, textile, clothes, handicrafts, souvenir, etc. with low price.

There are still many other famous places attracted the number of travelers such as Saigon Opera House, Bitexco Financial Tower, Art Museum, Independence Palace, Pham Ngu Lao Street, etc.

Furthermore, Ho Chi Minh has more must-eat dishes which are delicious home-cooked foods in restaurant on the streets such as “Pho”, “Banh Mi”, “Bun Reu”, “Bun Moc”, “Cuon” Cake, “Xeo” cake, etc.

After the short tour around Ho Chi Minh City, travelers will think about where they can stay; an apartment or home-stay. Well, what do you think about a hotel with Singapore style in Ho Chi Minh City? That’s really interesting. Recently, Singapore Hotels have appeared throughout Ho Chi Minh City like Bay Hotel and others.

These Singapore Hotels ensure a cozy comfort and private style as well as the high-speed internet WIFI, the complimentary fully-stocked minibar, the luxurious Microfiber Gel bedding, the full toiletries amenities, the rain shower. Besides, there are kind of rooms, for example, Superior, Deluxe, Business, Designer suite. Especially, these Singapore Hotels are placed in the heart of city to ensure customers’ convenient commute. In addition, restaurant and bar is operated every single day with many hot deals. As you know, Singapore is one of the safest nations in the world that make sure that the Singapore Hotels are the same.

People who have ever stayed in Singapore Hotels in their trip said that Singapore Hotels are the best choice for tourists who are going to visit Ho Chi Minh City.


District 1

If you are a foreigner and going to visit Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam, I’m very delighted to suppose some places you should go to.

In my opinion, District 1 where is modern and exciting will be the best choice for you. Of course, the most of your concern is accommodation; you don’t actually know where you are staying during the trip. Don’t worry about that because most of the Ho Chi Minh’s hotels will solve your issue. First of all, you should choose hotel which is nearby central District 1 with good service that will help you less walking than other hotels. With good service, you will be provided more secure services and you can totally set your mind at rest.

District 1

Hotels in strategic position like District 1, a sleepless district, will bring you the most wonderful view from each aspect of hotel. Especially, when it’s getting dark Ho Chi Minh City is more and more exciting with the street lights that make a colorful picture in your eyes. Moreover, you are able to walk to Notre Dame, Central Post Office, the Reunification Palace and Hotel Continental Saigon that all works carry a beautiful French architecture and charm, across the road you will find the Opera House, all of these places are well worth a visit.

If you are not confident with your Vietnamese and there is any translators. Don’t be nervous! With the high density of foreigners, most citizens can communicate in English. According to some Travel Newspapers, District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City is the most ideal place to visit and live for a long time.

Obviously! Everywhere has a costly there but travel expense in District 1 is not inexpensive. In addition, there are many street foods in Ho Chi Minh City with stable price; you can try mouthwatering Vietnamese cuisine there. I make sure that you’ll have numbers of fascinating experiences of exotic cuisine and culture as well as the opportunities to use chopsticks, enjoy the Vietnamese traditional food.

After your tour around the city, you may be tired and I guess you need a big bed for your back. Hotel is your priority; their staff will prepare everything for you such as water, tea, coffee combine with air conditioner, bathroom with modern equipment, etc. in your own special room. They always expect their service make you feel like you’re a King in royal palace. You cannot forget the first time you are received a warm welcome from hotel’s receptionist in the glorious guestroom.

Luxury hotels equip the convenient equipment to ensure supply the best service for you involved restaurant with diversity of food over the world, beautiful lounge, swimming pool, spa room, gymnastic room, and other good values to help you feel the most comfortable.

If you haven’t decided where you will stay yet, you can quick reference . It’s one of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. I hope you will get a nice trip in the future.

Top high-end hotels in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

luxury room in Bay Hoel

The high-end, luxury hotels and convenience for traveling are the popular choice of foreigners when visit to Ho Chi Minh city. Most of which are located in district 1, around the city center.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is a young city with the most developing and modern life in Vietnam. Saigon is not only an economic center, but also a city with many attractive tourist sights. In the following article, we would like to introduce to you 5 star hotels of high quality, these are the places worthy of your choice as a stopover for your travelling or business in Saigon.

Bay Hotel

Bay Hotel is located on Ngo Van Nam Street in District 1, one of the central districts of Ho Chi Minh city. The hotel location is quite close to the historic Saigon River. Therefore, Bay is considered one of the most prestigious hotels in Saigon centre.

If you are wondering how to find a high-end resort for yourself, the Bay Hotel will be a good suggestion. From the high floors of the hotel, you can look down on the bustling of Saigon downtown, enjoy the softly wind from the Saigon River. This will be a stimulating and unforgettable experience.

From the hotel, it is not difficult to move to the central entertainment, dining and shopping areas in the city. Not far from the hotel, there are famous architectural works which making the name of Saigon such as Independence Palace, Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral… are waiting for you to visit and explore.

The hotel owns more than 250 quality rooms. Each room is equipped with a luxurious furniture, numerous outstanding facilities and high speed Wi-Fi. Moreover, each room has almost a balcony or window overlooking the Saigon River or the street.

luxury room in Bay Hoel

The restaurant of the hotel is also an open space with lots of good taste meals. From here, visitors can overlook the romantic and peaceful Saigon river that brings them the most comfortable when eating. The visitors come here are very satisfied with the quality of service as well as the comfortable space are provided by the hotel.

Hotel Lotte Legend Sai Gon

This hotel has a nice and convenient location to visit the famous sights of Saigon such as: 30/4 Park, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, Bitexco Tower,… It only takes about 2 minutes to walk to the Saigon River. From the hotel to Tan Son Nhat airport is not too far away, only 30 minutes drive.

Lotte Legend Saigon Hotel is quite large, with a total of 283 guest rooms, cozy and comfortable.The furniture is equipped in the hotel rooms are in the highest level, such as: Warm color lighting system, mini bar, tea & coffee machine, high-speed wifi, air conditional,… In addition, the hotel also offers other outstanding services such as: large and clean swimming pool, relaxing massage, sauna, spa, health and beauty spa, 24/24 room service, consulting services, receptionists … to bring the fullest relaxation for tourists.

Hotel InterContinental Asiana Saigon

The InterContinental Asiana Saigon Hotel is located on the intersection of Le Duan and Hai Ba Trung streets. This is a nice location, not only near the center but also very close to Saigon River, with nice view and airy.

Currently, the hotel is a stopover for vacation or for the business trip of many international guests as well as Vietnamese guests. InterContinental Asiana is the ideal place for those who are looking for a luxury hotel in Saigon.

The size of this hotel is really great. The hotel owns a total of 305 the most luxury and modern room in Saigon. All rooms have windows or spacious balconies with overlooking the street or the Saigon River.

The hotel promises to bring you a full relaxation for vacation. Not only good room service, but also other useful side services: Large swimming pool, restaurant serving Europe – Asia cuisine, spacious gym room … all of them are always waiting to be served for visitors.

Hotel Sofitel Sai Gon Plaza

luxury hotel in the central District 1

Sofitel Saigon Plaza is located on Le Duan Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. From the hotel to the Saigon River only takes 2-5 minutes walk. Sofitel Saigon Plaza Hotel has a total of 286 rooms, classified as Superior, Deluxe, Club, and Prestige Suite room. Each room type has the different, distinctive space and architecture.

The space inside each room is very airy, has view of the street or the cool Saigon River. In this place, visitors can enjoy the luxury services, such as: Massage, Spa, swimming pool, bar, fitness center, gym, yoga class , dance class … bring them the best health and mental. In addition, hotel also has large or small conference rooms that can respond to all the requirements of customers.

Besides, the delicious and various dishes with the processing of the professional chefs, promising to bring you a nice meal and satisfied.

Above are some 5 star hotels in the central of Saigon, the hotel has beautiful view, good quality, comfortable and modern in Ho Chi Minh should not be ignored. Besides, we also make reference to a 4 star hotel like Bay Hotel – the hotel is thoughtfully designed a gamut of signature amenities and functional conveniences for visitors . Hopefully, travellers will get the information they need and choose the most suitable hotel for themselves.

Booking a Hotel Room for Business Trip In Central of District 1 HCMC

You will have a business trip to Ho Chi Minh City next time, and are wondering which hotel to choose for your trip. Here are some suggestions for choosing your hotel in the center of District 1 HCMC.

Choosing The Hotel

This is the first step in your booking process, choosing a hotel with good quality, nice style and price that suits you, or your boss, is very important. A relaxed mood will support a lot for your work. When choosing a hotel, you need to consider factors such as quality of rooms and furnishings, attached services such as swimming pool, relaxing spa, gym, laundry service, and especially Is it convenient to travel? It would not be nice if you were in a beautiful hotel, but it took a long time to get to the company, or to work with a partner. Take an example, when having a business trip in HCMC, you need to know where the company is located or where you will have meeting with your partner, if this big company in district 1, you should start choosing with hotels in central of district 1.

Booking as soon as possible

As soon as you get the information about the time and place of your trip, you should plan your booking immediately. Unless you have a business trip, you should book your hotel room 30 to 45 days prior to the trip. Although there are a lot of hotels in Ho Chi Minh, but this is considered to be the most ideal time to book a room with many benefits as there are many options for different room types, get more incentives, promotions, sometimes you can also book the weekend with the price is cheaper than ordinary days.

Minimize late hotel reservation, or bookings at the last minute, close to public holidays and weekends, you may not be able to choose the room you want, the price is more expensive and the most important is prone to errors, omissions, there may not be room for you.

Hotel include a restaurant

You may have a stressful meeting all day, so you just want to rest as soon as you return to the hotel. Going out and finding a restaurant for dinner really takes time and makes you more tired, so choose a hotel with a restaurant right inside it to easily enjoy dinner and return to your room to take a rest is good ideal. There are many hotels in central of District 1 that include dining service, you can find Singapore Hotel or 4-star hotels to experience.

Promotions and preferences

As mentioned above, you get a lot of promotions and offers when you book early. In addition to the price of your room, you can use many other services with cheaper price like the spa relaxation, massage, sauna, free breakfast, or meals during the day…

In HCMC, hotel industry is very develop, so the competition is so fierce. They usually have attractive promotions to seduce customers. Therefore, you should make enquiries about promotions of hotels in district 1 HCMC to get many profit.

Check service information

Although information about the hotel’s services is usually available on the hotel’s homepage, or the famous booking pages, but for a full business trip, do not be embarrassed without checking again the services that you will enjoy.

You can take a phone call to the hotel to ask for important information you want to know, such as: Is laundry service free or not, if not how much? Does the hotel have free breakfast? Can I use a hotel computer? Does Wifi connect well?… There is a lot of information you want to know.